K. Harris

Graphic Designer and Multimedia

T.  Lowe

Senior Photographer

J. Edwards

Website and App Development 

M. Cloud

Content Creation and Publishing


" Without the organic and pliable foundation of branding, my quick-serve restaurant holdings company, V & J, would have flatlined with my initial Burger King acquisition. But by positioning and pivoting my firm as a brand unto itself, my company has been catapulted into a vast conglomeration of multiple food-service brands. As such and with the advent of global technology and social media, branding should be the lifeblood of any. It has been a pleasure working with you and thank you for serving us on our projects. Congratulations on your new book as I am honored to write the forward for and on all entrepreneurial endeavors—whether small or large. May the Lord continue to shine his favor upon you as share your insights and unpretentious learnings relative to branding, creation content, relational data maintenance, and presentational swagger with us all."


— Valerie Daniels Carter, CEO, V & J Holding Companies, Inc.