105 - A 5 Step Guide for 6 Figure Growth

Ok, It's like this.

I know my purpose, and I know that I have a passion to do what I do. It's what I don't know is the problem. How in the world do I start making six figures? Everyone is telling me that I need to start with giving away something FREE but I have already tried that. It ain't working out!

Does this sound like you?

Well, Imy podcast topics are my attempts at answering the top questions that I get from my clients are a regular basis. Today's topic:  "A 5 Step Guide for 6 Figure Growth" is not for you if you aren't ready for growth, self-investment, and prioritizing. It's only for individuals looking to take their online brand to at least 6-figures, however, so many go beyond that. Take a listen to this podcast, your question will be addressed today.



The 90 Day Priority Planner by Jennifer Carrington  This book is perfect for individuals, ready to self-invest and ready to start putting themself at the top of the priority list. How many times have your told yourself, "I'll get to my project as soon as I just with all of the commitments I made to everyone else.  Stop procrastinating, Stop putting yourself last on your to-do list If I told you that your next 6-figure payday came after you committed to 90 days of self-care? Self-care as it relates to your professional and personal life should be a priority. Let me help you! Take the 90-day challenge because it's your business, get informed, get inspired, and get going!