103 - eChurch Growth Strategies Featuring Dr. Fay Williams

Having a ministry is one thing, giving access to those who need it most is just as important. Learn the importance of having a strategic marketing plan for ministries with special guest Dr. Fay Williams. What if your non-profit organization (or church) had the option of choosing the state-of-the-art marketing team that allows you to free up your time and do what you were called to do: focus on ministry. What if you have the blueprint that would allow you to grow in various ways like: Giving (Receiving donations) Watch Live (Worship/Events) Access our Worship Opportunities Read the Holy Bible with note-taking features Register for Events Access Video or our Bulletin Access the events calendar Twitter Visit Our Website, Our Academy Our Credit Union Access our bookstore Get Announcement vis Push Notification Map for directions and More! Listen to find out how you can get access to the e Church Starter Kit!