Your Book Pre-Launch/Launch Checklist

Updated: May 20, 2020

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If you are reading this it is because you or someone you know is interesting in launching a book realease party!

When it's time to launch or pre-launch it's always a good idea to plan ahead!

The benefit of having a pre-lauch is that you discount your book in the two-week pre-sale phase and then use the funds to prepare for official launch! Build excitment about your book as well as get early promises to review. A Pre-launch is usally done digitally so you'll nee the right platform!

Here are some of the things you will need: 1. Set yourself a budget – and stick to it.

2. Google or research other pre-launch parties and take notes on likes and dislikes, food, color scheme, location, create my own invite options, etc.

3. Use this time to consider if you would are interested in doind a group launch with other local other friends ready to launch.

4. Decide whether your book launch is invite-only or open to the public.

5. Choose a venue that's right for your book (A bookstore or library, banquete hall, club house, etc.)

6. Make sure you're prepared for sales (How will except funds, credit card reader, cash, receipt book?).

7. Who will be in charge of the sales table?

8. Create a sign-in sheet to follow on the night.

9. Create a run sheet to follow on the night (Use an outline or program and consider a moderator to keep your desired flow as well as introduce guest as well as announce give aways).


6:00:Event starts. Be on hand to welcome guests.

6:30:Hors d'oeuvres begin to circulate.

7:00:Speeches/reading from book.

7:15: Any competitions or prizes are drawn and awarded.

Thank special contributors.

7:30: Book signings.

8:30: Music and mingling until the end of the night!

10. Have a speech prepared (thank those who have provided support/honor them with ta them a gift of thanks).

11. Take Pictures. You only get ONE time to launch your first book.

12. Enjoy yourself!

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