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Updated: May 20, 2020

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Website designing does not have to be complicated.

Sure website designing use to be, but it does not have to be.

Heres an overview:

1. Use Free ADI "Artificial Design Intelligence" software.

How does this work?

It works by answering about 6 questions like:

"What is the name of your company?"

"What is your desired color scheme?"

"Do you have an existing Facebook page"

"What is the name of your desired domain (website name)?"

Click "Enter" and then BOOM, like magic the ADI creates a free stunning website!

The software simply creates a plaftform based off typical questions your business type needs to launch the website and that's it.

2. Can you go back and change things later?

Absolutely, be sure to save as you go along, and that's pretty much it!

3. Finally, I would say upgrade your free platform to a published website with a professional domain (website name).

Why? because it the default name that comes with the free version is long and does not allow you to use your professional ".com" or ".org" business name.

Helpful Tip:

The domain extension ".com" stands for "Company", and ".org" is typically used for "Organizations."

4. Click here to give it a try!

If you are ready, you could finish in ONE DAY! If you see default information (like text or wording) simply replace it with your information or delete it altogether.

NOTE: It's a good idea to have your images and content already ready, but even if you don't, STILL give it a try even if you don't have any images ready because the ADI has royalty FREE images ready for you to use! However, have your content (wording) ready to go. This will help you avoid procrastination when it comes time to launch and publish your website to the public.


About the author: Jennifer Carrington of and founder of the I am an author of two books and I teach people how to increase their income simply by enhancing their brand. Is your brand in need of gaining foot traffic? Don't have the time or money to hire someone to do it for you? Perhaps a quick assessment check to see if your platform has the 3 main ingredients needed to boost your business so that it converts at high rates? Click below to watch and learn how you can schedule a Free 15 min. Discovery Call today!

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