Create a Flyer in 3 Steps!

Updated: May 20, 2020

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Make a flyer online, in minutes Canva’s flyer maker is trusted by millions of businesses worldwide.

As CEO of a branding and consulting firm for over a decade now, 99% of my clients all say one or all of these three things:

1. I need to launch my Ad Campaign and I have little to no time to do it.

2. I have a tight budget.

3. I don't have the tech-experience to do it myself.

I know the hardships of meeting deadlines, and also know that burden of hiring an expensive graphic designer can be overwhelming! Especially if you've been burned by a inexperienced or unprofessional graphic designer.

As an author, and branding consultant I have had the privilege of working with start-ups and Fortune 500's. I have both a graphic design degree and 10 years of professional experience. I use expensive high-end software that will allow me to customize Ad campaigns and yield high-end results for myself and for all my clients.

What if there was software that allow you to design all of your digital marketing needs, (i.e. business cards, flyers, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, digital and printed materials for) for half the price and took half the time?

Ok, well here are all of the 3 Steps needed to create your flyer. and yes I'll give them all to you at once.


Here goes.

1. Grab your high resolution photos and announcment information.

2. Grab a ready-made template, and replace it with your own info.

3. Upgrade to CanvaPro to instantly download, print and share to all of your followers.

CanvaPro Tool


That's it!

Out of all of the quick-n-easy tools available online, I highly recommend After trying it out, I have discovered that it can yield the same result as using high-end software without the high-end costs.

To start, simply enter the "type" of project you would like to create and get redirected to a easy-to-use full platform of options and several templates and suggestions with full customizing capabilities! ​​


CanvaPro Tool

Here's my overall review of this product.

When trying out this tool, I discovered an ease of use and no former tech-knowledge is required.

If you can use Microsoft Word, then you can use

Quickly design and share on social media or print instantly! There are free stock photos as well as a subscription (approx. $13 monthly or less) option that will allow you to use transparent backgrounds!

CanvaPro Tool

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CanvaPro Tool

Click here to schedule a Discovery Call with me. In this Discovery Call, we will review to see what platform you are using now, and provide you with the tools and stratgey to getting you the followers you want and get paid what you are worth without Ads!

If you'd like to learn more about me click here.

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