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Updated: May 20, 2020

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Watch the replay above. Sure, this module is FREE for now, but not for long!

NOTE: It will EXPIRE in 24 hours.

Is this you?

1. Are you looking to launch, relaunch, or upgrade your brand?

2. Are you looking for strategy on how to create content that will convert potential clients into paying clients?

3. Do you need a coach to show you the strategy to get paid what you are worth?

Then the Branding Bootcamp is for you!

You’ll have access to weekly LIVE 1:1 Group Sessions Weekly for 12 weeks.

Course Milestones:

Branding - Learn how to specify your brand and indentify your target audience.

Content Creation - How to create a digital platform that will drive more foot traffic.

Presentation - The tools I use to LAUNCH my business.

Grow Your Email List – Tools/Strategy I used to grow my email list.

Entrepreneurship - The tools I use to GROW my business.

This course is now 30% OFF.

If you'd like more information please feel free to shoot me an email: I'd be glad to offer more insight!

Jennifer Carrington


Iam an author of two books and I teach people how toincrease their income simply

by enhancing their brand.

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