Authors: How to Choose a Title.

Updated: May 20, 2020

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Choosing a title is not always easy to do.

First determine your book type.

  • Science Fiction,

  • Satire,

  • Drama,

  • Action and Adventure,

  • Romance,

  • Mystery,

  • Horror,

  • Self-Help,

  • Guide,

  • Travel,

  • Children's,

  • Religious,

  • Science,

  • History,

  • Math,

  • Anthologies,

  • Poetry,

  • Encyclopedia,

  • Dictionaries,

  • Comics,

  • Art,

  • Cookbooks,

  • Diaries,

  • Prayerbooks,

  • Series,

  • Trilogies,

  • Biographies,

  • Autobiographies,

  • and Fantasy.

Sometimes authors write the book and come up with the title later. Others know right away and can stay with one topic from day one.

Regardless of your method of choosing a topic or title for your book, consider audience how it will help each member of of your audience (i.e. men, women, students, teachers, entertainers, entrepreneurs, etc.) as your content should address and provide solutions each pain-point or challenge that they face.

Consider providing a bullet list of challenges followed by the solution to each of those pain-points can instantly become the outline for each chapter of your book. Summerize this outline and soon you may see the main challenge/pain-point to become your title.

Here is a case study of two authors taken from the book, "It's Your Business, Get Informed, Get Inspired and Get Going." One author made more than the other. Lets find out why in the case study below.

Having good content that will show "how" your book will enhance and transform their live in some way shape or form.

Titles that provide the solution within the title typically have better sales as the attention spand of the typical average indiviual like:

"The ______method on how to___,"

"Ten ways to _________________,"

"How to avoid the pitfalls of ____________"

Many content selling authors tend to go on to sell their content and turn it into online courses. I recommend that your purchase "It's Your Business, Get Informed, Get Inspired and Get Going," a 5 Step Guide to how to use your very own content and use it to launch your very own business from start to finish.

Get inspired and go for it!

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