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Brand  Launch Masterclass

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  On-Demand Training


  • Exclusive videos, templates, tools, & resources, to consume at your leisure that meets you where you are.


  • *Re-watch the bits that are most important to you


  • *Fit it in while you are juggling everything else


  • *Share these resources with your intern or your team and replicate your own results



  • LIVE VIP Coaching from yours truly, along with surprise guest industry experts.

  • *Ask questions as they come up.

  • *Tap into a network of like-minded people.

  • *Get a front-row seat to others being coached and guided on how to apply it to your own business.

   Community Support


  • Access to the private Facebook Group, It's Your Business, Get Informed, Get Inspired and Get Going the #YourBusiness where you can stay connected.

  • *Get coached in real life over those roadblocks

  • *Be held accountable as you move forward

  • *Stop overthinking (as you know you do), and have someone in your corner guiding you at every step.



Everyone has a brand, but most people don't manage it strategically, effectively, or consistently. Individuals who have a well-defined personal brand generate increased value for their company, whether they work for themselves or someone else. A branding strategy is essential to success in fundraising, growing a business, or changing careers. We provide personal branding consulting and training to clients from around the world and from a variety of industries. Typically, we work with influencers, executives, schools, individuals and entrepreneurs


  • Launch your online business website and app at the same time,

          no prior tech-knowledge needed. 

  • Use specific business success models to

         create content that will convert!

  • Use specific business success models

            how to get paid what you are worth.

  • How to identify your audience.

  • How to get a polished brand and professional online presence.

  • How to create a payment merchant account(s)

  • How to position yourself for speaking and booking.
  • How to network like a pro.




Imagine IF. . .

You could stop working around the clock, like a mad person with no roadmap?

IF . . .

You could be excited and clear about your business and where you are headed?

IF . . .

You finally knew how to use your brand to make money because you have the right tools and the right coach in your corner?

“We say it and we sing it, but you also have to articulate that vision [through] graphics. Sit down with [your professional business strategist] and strategize the message you want to convey."

Gospel Artist - Earnest Pugh


“I've worked with Jennifer Carrington for a number of years and they are great at what they do."

This program doesn’t expire. You have access to the lifetime of the program!

And, I am constantly adding new pieces of training, new tools, and new experts so it is always fresh.

Here’s what a few of them had to say:




“After using Jennifer Carrington's digital marketing and promotional strategy for a one of a major conference that I hosted, an entire church of about 30 people came out and fellowshipped with us  that day! We'll continue to use her marketing services in the future!"

Prevailing Life Kingdom Center

Bishop Richard Harper, Pastor

“This was my very first book ever. I've worked with Jennifer on my book from branding to publishing and then marketing online. After my consultation with Jennifer, I was ready to go. I sold 20 copies before officially launching the book! I intend to work with her on my next projects as well."

Mary Williams - Author

"I teach others how to get the clients they want

and get paid what they are worth."

- Author, Jennifer Carrington




"Without the organic and pliable foundation of branding, my quick-serve restaurant holdings company, V & J, would have flatlined with my initial Burger King acquisition. But by positioning and pivoting my firm as a brand unto itself, my company has been catapulted into a vast conglomeration of multiple food-service brands. As such and with the advent of global technology and social media, branding should be the lifeblood of any. It has been a pleasure working with you and thank you for serving us on our projects. Congratulations on your new book as I am honored to write the forward for and on all entrepreneurial endeavors—whether small or large. May the Lord continue to shine his favor upon you as share your insights and unpretentious learnings relative to branding, creation content, relational data maintenance, and presentational swagger with us all."


— Valerie Daniels Carter, CEO, V & J Holding Companies, Inc.



In the Etiquette industry, you want to make sure that all things are done with excellence. The work she did for us was done over 6 years ago and it is still keeping up with the latest trends. I am looking forward to working with her on future endeavors."




— Monica, CEO, Monica Lewis School of Etiquette



"Working with Jennifer Carrington on several of our projects as assisted us in providing excellent presentations to large body of audiences as well as exposure to many of our existing and potential donors. Through J Carrington Associates services we were conne ted with and featured on ABC's Nationally Syndicated morning show, Good Morning America! We are grateful for this partnership and look forward to working with her in the future."



— Elijah Easley, Emmanuel Cares CDC President



"We thoroughly enjoyed how interactive and engaging Ms. Carrington's presentation was as she was able to incorporate intriguing fundamental data throughout from beginning to end. Additionally, many of the students mentioned how inspiring it was to see a young woman of color as the head of her own company. She informed them of what classes are important and that entrepreneurship can start even at a young age. Overall, her presentations were very informative, and we would be very interested in reaching out to J Carrington Associates again."



— District of Aldine Independant School Representatives

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